Upgrade to cubase 10 from 8

Hi guys… new here! I’m hoping you can help me!

I am having trouble finding an upgrade from cubase 8 to 10.
What is the best option for doing this? It’s been really simple from 4 to 6… and 6 to 8. I’m having trouble finding the specific upgrade I need. I think the last upgrades cost me about £150 each time…
Any help would be appreciated!

I’m using Mac running High Sierra.

Hi guys… I’ve sorted it out have another question…

Is I install the 10.5.5 update from 10.5 will I have 2 versions of the cubase app on my system or will it just update 10 5.
The reason I ask is previous updates has installed the whole new version alongside the previous and made all the file system a bit of a headache. That was on windows though and I have I stalled on mac this time from fresh

You will just have Cubase 10.5.5.
In the version Cubase X.Y.Z, X and Y are new versions which will install separately. Z is just a maintenance update and will only modify/update existing installation.

Very helpful mate. Thank you

i just updated from C10 to C10.5 and i am also on Hi Sierra.

c10.5 wont work at all. just crashes and crashes.

Si Sierra and C10.5 are not supported apparently.

you might need to just update to C10. that works fine on Hi Sierra.