Upgrade to Cubase 12 from 10.5 not working

I have been unable to activate the license for Cubase 12, which I bought on sale one month ago.
I am upgrading from 10.5 pro.
Cubase 11 should be included for the upgrade to work, but no license or activation code was recieived. I have downloaded Cubase 11 from download assistant, so that shouldn’t be the problem, or?
I’ve been trying for 1 month to get help from support via email, but I never got an answer. Now it says the activation period has expired.

Not sure what to do. I’ve spent countless hours reading every possible forum subject and browsed youtube videos. How can I fix this problem? I am most likely not the only one struggling.

Please take a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center with the serial numbers hidden, and which upgrade you purchased according to your receipt/purchase confirmation email.

Hi :slight_smile:
I purchased the Cubase Pro 12 Update from Cubase Pro 11.
Since I upgraded from Cubase 10.5 pro, I was in doubt whether to purchase 11 pro upgrade, but that shouldn’t be necessary. Couldn’t find a link to buy this license either.


As we can see on the screenshot, you don’t own Cubase Pro 11 license, therefore you cannot use it to update.

Please, get in contact with Asknet, who operates the Steinberg Online Shop. Ask for refund your license and buy the correct update.

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