Upgrade to Cubase 12 from Cubase 9.5

Hi everybody,
I want to upgrade cubase fom my actual version 9.5 to the latest one 12.
Questions :

  • Is it compatible on PC Windows 10 ?
  • Is it possible to install cubase 12 both on my fixed computer and my portable (one for my work, the other for my live sessions) ?
  • Does anyone had problems of recognizion or lost of data on projects made on previous version when passing to the new version ?
  • Any other problems with this upgrade ?

Thanks a lot for your feedback !!
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  • Is it compatible on PC Windows 10 ?

Make sure you have the Windows 10 version according to the system requirements

  • Is it possible to install cubase 12 both on my fixed computer and my portable (one for my work, the other for my live sessions) ?

Cubase 12 uses the new Licensing system, that allows you to enable up to three computers. So yes, you can run it on both machines.

Regarding the other questions I leave it to some other long time users, as I have not used 9.5

My 7.5 projects open normally on 12.
My 32bit plugins are not supported of course.
Vst 2 cubase era also coming to an end, update everything to vst3 or use a vst2 to vst3 tool.


Yes, it is.

Yes, you can use up to 3 seats (computers) with 1 Cubase license.

I would recommend you to download Cubase 12 Trial. You can fully use it for 30 days and test it at your system, with your plug-ins and projects.

Thank you for your quick answer !
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Thanks so much for quick and full answering !
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Thank you for your answers and shared experience !
Have a nice day !

C12 is really great, but as always you have to be careful about the plugins you install my recommendation is to use whenever possible only one plugin model which would be vst3 and be minimum with plugins (I recommend to use the plugin manager to hide what you don’t need).

Make sure you disable other implementations in cubase if you installed them (I always proceed to a custom install where I ensure that any vst2 is installation disabled).

it will make your everyday musician life so much easier especially when you need to troubleshoot some plugin incompatibility …

C12 is like a Ferrari, it will perform with really good performances but the price of that is that it expects the plugins to behave properly as it does not spend extra cpu cycles working them around…

Thanks so much for your enlightenment and time.
If I understand properly : no VST 2 and only VST3 pluggins (and moreover less is more !).
But how do a do for all my previous projects, built with VST 2 pluggings and registred in my actual 9.5 version ?
Kind regards

Please note that VST 2 is still fully supported by Cubase 12 if you’re on Windows, or on Mac by enabling Rosetta mode. But it’s recommended to switch to the VST 3 versions of your plug-ins if they’re available.

VST 3 plug-ins have a special icon in the VST plug-in browser:

Some VST 3 plug-ins completely replace the VST 2 versions when installed. In some cases, you may have to replace the plug-in with the VST 3 version manually. You can do this after loading the project with Cubase 12 if you want.


Thank you for the precious tip and time for the answer !
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