Upgrade to Cubase 12 Pro without the E-licenser

I beg you! Help me upgrade to Cubase 12 Pro and use the program without the E-licenser flash drive, because due to the war in Ukraine, I forgot this flash drive in my house! I have:
Cubase Pro 11 (Download Access Code and Activation Code) and Absolute 5 (Download Access Code and Activation Code for Absolute 5). Looking forward to your reply and help!

I have the same issue. I can’t stay home and all I got with me from my studio is my laptop. I don’t have dongle with me and I don’t know when I will.

All my products also registered here on steinberg account. I tried to get any help using support but it is impossible. Support want me to seek help with local distributors but there is a WAR in my country you know… no distributor is working.

Forum also dead, 3 days and no answer. I guess no cubase 12 for Ukrainian users. I need to work to support my family in this hard time.

Where can I get email support? I am really forced to use another DAW.

Sorry Cubase, it is not my fault.