Upgrade to Cubase 6.5

I have a problem to upgrade from 6 top 6.5. I bought the upgrade online and when I tried to install it I got the erroro message “Cubase 6 is not found”. Any idea what can be wrong? I bought some VST modules at the same time and the installation of them went fine.


Witch cubase 6 version you have?

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Aloha M,

Shot in the dark here (you did not post yer hardware gear)
but you might try having the original C6 DVD mounted.

Hope you get it sorted

Hi, First of all thanks a lot for you effort to help a beginner out. Some of the link was very useful and the tutorials is great.
I have version I have a MacBook Pro i7 and Mac OS X Version 10.6.8. My interface is Steinberg UR28M.

I tried to have the original C6 CD loaded but that did not fix it either. Any other idea what I should try to get it to work?

you need to make sure you have installed cubase version 6.5 before you can install the 6.5.1 version which is likely what you have downloaded as it is the one at the top of the page on the steingberg site.


I have downloaded 6.5.0. I even tried to install Cubase 6.07 but got the same error message.

You can always download the demo of 6.5 (it’s the full installer) and install it that way.

Check the last 2 posts of this thread…same problem solved there.