Upgrade to cubase 7 64bit

Originally I started with Cubase LE, which I upgraded to Cubase Studio 4, which I upgraded to Cubase 5. All 32 bit

Now I like to upgrade to Cubase 7 64 bit on a new Windows 8 computer.

The question is do I have to install Cubase LE, Studio 4 and Cubase 5 in order to upgrade to Cubase 7 64 bit.
Do the first three 32 bit versions cause a problem on a 64 bit system, or is there an other better option?

I expect not but just to be sure.



No need. Your upgrade is recorded in your licence.

You don’t need any of the previous versions installed.

As long as the license you are upgrading from is on your dongle you should be fine.

You might want to install the latest eLCC before updating your license. And maybe run maintenance. You can do this before installing Cubase, or even on a completly different computer.

Installing the last version you have been using might be a good idea so that you have a familiar working environment while getting used to the new Cubase 7 features.

32 and 64-bit installations can both be installed and run independently of each other. If you have a lot of 32-bit plugins you might want to install the 32-bit Cubase as well to ensure compatibility.