Upgrade to Cubase, or Nuendo

Hi all:

I’m a long time Cubase user, but was thinking, if I’m upgrading to Cubase 11.5 and getting the grace period 12 for $99, and can upgrade to Nuendo 11 for $199, would I rather just switch over to Nuendo?

Are there things that are not in Cubase that are in Nuendo? Is the user interface that different?

I chose Nuendo, but because it has more features, ones that, as a mix engineer and engineer in general, I do need.

You might not need all of Nuendo’s features. Steinberg has a comparison page, I recommend you read it:


A year ago, Nuendo would be the better choice DAW for film post/composing. Now that Apple Music is supporting Spatial sound, and with Nuendo’s integrated ADM renderer, Cubase would be hard-sell over Nuendo for anyone forward thinking in music production.


If you use a professional desk, Nuendo has 9pin settings for transport and track arming where cubase does not.

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Nuendo is a must, if you want to go beyond 5.1 surround sound. E.g. for Dolby Atmos.

With Nuendo 11, the Dolby Atmos Renderer is included.