Upgrade to Elements 4 is not working

I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem as I am.
I evaluated Dorico SE then decided it was for me and bought Elements.
No matter how I try, downloading using the Download Access Code in the Download Assistant, it still thinks I am only entitled to SE. I have paid for Elements so this is not really very good.
I’ve uninstalled Dorico altogether, reinstalled, rebooted several times after uninstalling etc. but no joy.
Has anyone else had the same problem?
thanks for any and all help you can give

Welcome to the forum, JazzKitten. If you open Steinberg Activation Manager does it show that you’re logged in and does it list your activated Dorico 4 Elements?

(For clarity: there’s only one Dorico program, and it runs in any of the three flavours dependent on which license is available. Uninstalling and reinstalling Dorico itself won’t make any difference to whether it can find your license.)

Don’t worry: the support team here are brilliant, and they’ll get you up and running before long.

thank you @pianoleo and @benwiggy !

Activation manager shows this

Hope you can see that!

I think I’d be tempted to see what happened if I clicked the deactivate button next to Dorico SE, then ran Dorico. I don’t work for Steinberg, though, and given it’s Sunday evening here you’re unlikely to get an official reply until some time tomorrow, so such a suggestion is at your own risk…


Thanks @pianoleo I’ll give it a go!
Will post if it works.
Have a fab rest of your evening

Well, I’ll go to the foot of our stairs. It worked!
thanks so much @pianoleo.
Have a fab evening

Excellent - so glad you’re up and running.

I had Dorico 3.5 SE and Pro 3.5 installed on my laptop (used SE to avoid having to use the dongle). Now I have just Pro 4 showing up in the Activation Manager - I wonder what happened to SE? It would be nice if Dorico had a button to select which version to run (like the BBC SO does with its Pro, Core and Discover versions) which would be handy for checking which features were available - perhaps teachers would find this useful when communicating with students running SE.

Hold down Alt/Opt when starting Dorico to open as Elements, or Ctrl/Cmd to run as SE.

Leo - you are a genius!

Nah, I just have a good memory for this stuff :wink:


Thanks again @pianoleo.
Just saw your response on FB group, but then I couldn’t find it, to respond!
Didn’t want you to think I was being ignorant.