Upgrade to Elements 8

hello - i just upgraded to Elements 8 from AI/LE. I cannot seem to get the Activation Code to work that i received in the purchase email. While going into the eLicenser on my computer i clicked the available my license and it shows “Cubase Elements 8” to the right. Then i put the Activation code in and it shows “continue” at the bottom. However, when i click continue the Upgradeable licenses are “grayed out” where i can’t click them and the bottom states “currently there is no license available which can be upgraded by your license”.

do i actually need to get a new license for the upgraded version of Elements 8? I assume since i purchased the upgrade this would not be a problem.

Any help in getting my going is much appreciated.


What Cubase AI version number do you have? Is your Cunase AI registered in your MySteinberg account?

I don’t actually know. But i did manage to find out from Cubase support that my elicense was bad, was sent a new one and…voila! the license worked. now the problem is getting the actual upgraded version, not AI/LE. I can’t seem to figure how to get that installed.

I think you need to work out what you were upgrading from, version number. Was it from 8Al or LE or from 7. You can only update along the correct lines with the correct payments. It sounds like you have a bit of a mix up.

Sounds like it’s already activated. Just install Cubase Elements 8 and see if you can run it.

If you upgraded from Cubase AI 8, then you don’t need to install anything. The application of Cubase AI is the same as Elements. Just the license decides.

well, this is all new to me and a little confusing. Let me just say the main reason i upgraded was for the Groove Agent to add drums, i don’t believe that was included in the 8 LE AI version i had been working on (possibly should have just got Artist version). So I just started Cubase this morning and looked at my version in help menu, it says “About Cubase LE AI”. But i have the Groove Agent so maybe it has all sorted itself out. In other words i didn’t reinstall another version.

I’m going to play around with it today and see if there’s other changes. I will say that the Cubase online support and folks here in the forum have been extremely helpful! Within a day, i’m nearly up and running again! thanks everyone. Now on to making some music!


There are two software protection mechanisms used by Steinberg, a hardware USB “dongle” called the eLicenser, and a software-only version called the Soft-eLicenser used on the “smaller” products. I am assuming you do not have the USB eLicenser, so therefore it might explain things if you have a look at the Soft-eLicenser (SeL) FAQ in the Knowledge Base.

If you bought an upgrade in the online shop and you cannot activate the license, then you may have purchased the wrong product. You should contact Steinberg service directly by creating an account for yourself on MySteinberg, if you haven’t done so already. There you can raise a support ticket to find out exactly what it is that you have, and what it is that you have purchased.

Thank you soundman, great suggestion, i will do that today.

Would someone tell me how to slow down the playback on files made on AI4 imported to my new cubase elements,they play a little faster and i can’t work with the many files i’ve made on AI4.


I would recommend to make a new thread, this is another topic.

I would say, the issue is, you are using different Sample Rate. Make sure, all Sample Rates are the same of:

  1. The file
  2. The project
  3. The Audio Device