Upgrade to full Groove Agent

I recently purchased Cubase Pro 10.5 which included, of course, Groove Agent SE 5.

'm really interested in Percussion Agent, which I understand is available with the full version only.

I have two questions:

  1. What’s the cost to upgrade to the full version of GA?
  2. Does the full version include ALL of the available expansion drum and style packs (I’ve already purchased four)?


does not include expansions.


Any idea of the cost?

just go through the buy process it will give you all the options and tell you

The website only quotes a discounted price if you’re upgrading from GA 2, 3 or 4.

So, apparently no “credit” for already having GA 5 SE?

correct, SE is free, thus you’ve made no upgradeable investment.

Sorry, but one more question:

Is percussion agent the only difference between SE and the full version?

Thanks again for your help!


It helps if one opens his eyes! :sleeping:

Thks again!

Okay, So in the plugins manager, my Groove Agent VST version is 5.2xx - I am using Cubase 9.5 PRO. Shouldn’t this be GrooveAgent 4.xxx -
So anyway, I went to upgrade to Groove Agent Full 5. It said for $99 bucks I could do so. I purchased it and got the key. Went to install it and it saw an existing load for which it would upgrade 3 of the modules. I said go ahead, and then it said I have no upgradeable keys. So, if I never owned a paid for copy of 4, what do I do with the 100 bucks I just spent on the 4 to 5 upgrade ??

Now with GA 5 being on sale it is really a shame that a Cubase owner never gets any benefit of these sales.
I really wish they’d give at least a littel discount on upgrades from an SE version of GA since they are anyways kind of using it within Cubase as a teaser and I am sure a good amount of users were willing to go to the full GA if there was a fair upgrade offer.
But in this constalation I have to pay the full version. Be it worth the money as stand alone, as I own Cubase 10.5.20 I rather expect a different upgrade path…

Hi Etchell, I am in the same position and totally agree. I have been looking at the benefits of upgrading from SE to Full 5 and there seems to be 2 more kits and some ‘grooves/patterns’ but it’s not clear. I also bought N.I. Komplete Ultimate so have their drum instrument in battery with great kits and patterns so not desperate to pay the full price for GE5. I wonder if GA6 will be due soon (that’s often the policy for discounting as a last chance to sell the old version), in which case I guess it shouldn’t be much more for us to pay full price for that.

I just upgraded from full version of agent 4 to agent 5 and realized that I don’t have my percussion kit anymore.how this is possible?
however, (90 % of my patterns are not playing properly.

Sounds like you need to contact Steinberg support.
I can’t believe those issues are expected.
Good luck.