Upgrade to Pro 11 question

At the webshop I see that I can upgrade from Artist 6 (which I haven’t used for years) to Pro 11. The following is not clear to me - to do this is a USB e-licenser necessary, or can this now be done with a soft-license on the compter? (which I actually have installed for Elements 10).

Cubase pro 11 will require a USB e-Licenser.
This changes to a new licensing system with version 12.

To elaborate on @st10ss reply - since we are in the grace period for Cubase 12 if you got the upgrade now you will get 12 when it is released. And 12 doesn’t use a dongle. So if you didn’t want to buy a dongle you could buy 11 now and not really use it, but later install and use a dongle-less 12.

That said for the cost of a dongle you’d get 11 now and even after 12 comes out you’d still have a legit license on the dongle that you could plug into another computer and use 11 on that.

Thanks for this info and suggestions. Does anyone know (or guess?) when Cubase 12 will be released?

This information is not available to the public at this time.