Upgrade to pro

I’m thinking of upgrading from Elements 10 to Pro 11. I previously upgraded from Elements 9 trial to full elements 10 and some sontent was missing and there was trouble with licenses. Also when I installed a new SSD in my PC and migrated cubase onto the new disc, some content (VSTSs and plugins) went missing. It was a headache to fix these issues. My question is, when I upgrade from Elements to Pro, can I completely uninstall and delete all traces of Elements and install Pro as a clean install and thereby minimise any issues arising?

Yes, you can.

But you will need a dongle to run Pro 11. You will also be qualified for the free grace period upgrade to Pro 12, which will not require the dongle when it is released.

So just to make sure - pro, bought with the upgrade discount can be installed without the Elements version being still installed.

My eLicenser that I have for Elements won’t work ???

Cubase doesn’t care what you have installed on your system. It only cares about the license. So you could install Pro 11 now - independent of if it is a license upgrade or even if you don’t have a license. All that matters is when you launch Cubase it checks the license to see if it is OK to run. The upgrade only refers to the license, not the program. For major updates like C12 you are always installing the entire program independent of any previous installation.

Depends. Elements can use either a soft-eLicenser or the dongle based eLicenser. It is the only version that can use the soft-eLicenser (ignoring the AI & LE that they give away). If you are currently using a dongle for Elements that will work fine for Pro, but if you are currently using a soft-eLicense you will need a dongle for C11 Pro.

But all that changes with C12 when no dongle will be needed under the new scheme. So you could upgrade now, get a dongle and activate C11 on it and use that until C12 comes out & then you wouldn’t need the dongle. Or you could upgrade now to lock in the good deal, but skip the dongle and continue using Elements 11 until C12 is released and the start using C12 Pro. Depends on if using C11 for some months (???) is worth the cost of the dongle to you.

Great, thanks, that’s exactly what I wanted to know.

You might be better getting your elements licence restored first.

restored ? What do you mean ? I have a current Elements license.

You said your licence doesn’t work?

No I didn’t. I said there was trouble with licenses - meaning plugins and I said it was a headache to fix- meaning that after being driven crazy I managed to fix it. Thanks for your input but no trouble with the Program license.

No problem then

Probably easier to wait for C12 before upgrading. I have elements 11 but can’t justify spending to upgrade to Artist or pro at this stage, maybe later on.

But it might be cheaper to do so now if the cost of C11 Elements to C11 Pro (which includes 12) is cheaper than what it costs to go from C11 Elements to C12 Pro in the future. I don’t know one way or the other, but essentially that is the ‘grace period’ bet folks are making.