Upgrade to win x 1909 affecting elicenser?

I upgraded to win 10 v. 1909 and now my elicenser doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve opened the elicenser control center and it says ‘reading elicenser’ but nothing is happening after a 3-4 minute wait. It is lit up. Thoughts?

Have you opened it as Administrator?
Have you asked to update/maintain it?

None of the selection buttons are working as it is still ‘reading elicenser’. Haven’t tried admin mode.

Maybe this will help?

Some users seem to have a regular problem that after a major Windows update, they need to run the elicenser once in Admin mode to bring it to life again. Others (including me) don’t.

There probably is a reason why, but I don’t expect we are likely to discover it!

Rebooting the PC before running in Admin mode would be a good idea, to kill off anything left behind by previous failed attempts.

Rebooted pc, ran as administrator but basically there is nothing there. I signed in to my Steinberg acct to reactivate it but it couldn’t find the elicenser and I can’t do anything after that since I have to access to my activation code. What’s the next step?

That DCOM error is something that some users on Windows experience from time to time. Please try an alternative USB port on your computer if possible. And please do try running eLicenser Control Center as administrator again, then allow it to perform its default maintenance tasks.

Switched ports, ran as admin and no change. This is what I get. None of the functions are active.

That certainly suggests that it cannot currently communicate with your eLicenser. Unfortunately I don’t know what else to suggest at the moment. Please raise a support ticket through MySteinberg.

I was having other problems as well, notably for some reason downloads went through I E download manager and always failed, so I couldn’t even download anything. I deleted win x 1909 and was able to restore everything.