Upgrade to Windows 10 - any advice?

I have a spare drave lot in my PC. So I thought I might try to upgrade fro Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. My PC is 3 years old and still coping well. Unfortunately I had specified a 250 gig SSD when I bought it and it is now pretty full so I have ordered a 500 gig SSD.

I plan to image the drive and copy over then ugrade windows 8.1 to 10. Anybody got any advice on this based upon experience?


I’m just finishing up doing exactly the same from Win7 (even the 250 to 500). It all worked pretty smoothly. Cloning the system disk and upgrading that disk is the way to go. Initially I found it easy to confuse the 2 system disks from Windows Explorer. So I created a folder at the top level of the old disk named “!Old” and on the new, “!New” Make sure to do normal OS backups before upgrading. The whole thing will take longer than you think even though you think it’s going to take a long time.

Thanks. That is useful to know. I have to say that my experience with these kin of upgrades is that the time it takes to do them is the square root of the time you expect to spend, multiplied by the time you actually have available to the power of 10!

Guys, listen! If you’re running low on disk space and you’re coming from 256GB? Upgrading to 500 is almost like waiting for the next alarm to go off in the next few months or so? Especially with the update policy of Windows 10 nowadays (every 6 months a major update!) ? Better to choose for 1TB and be save for some more time? And this is not that expensive anymore…

But that being said…

If you want to clone a system disk the VERY best thing I can think of is this:

Samsung Data Migration 3.1 https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/download/tools/

It’s free and I use this all the time to simply copy a system disk to another.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Samsung Data Migration only works with Samsung drives.
Any other brands, use Macrium Reflect Macrium Software | Reflect Free Edition

No,you’re wrong! This is a common misconception! I’ve used it before with other brands and it works without any issue!

No I’m not wrong. You can obviously clone from any OS drive, but the target drive has to be a Samsung drive.

I use EaseUS Todo Backup for cloning disks and also for doing regular OS level backups.

The free version does both cloning and backups, doing anything more fancy (which I don’t) will need a paid version - which seem reasonably priced. Very easy to use.

Just 2 weeks ago I’ve copied a Crucial to another Crucial drive with the Samsung tool? So I’m really puzzled by your statement?
Anyway, Raino found a workaround by his own that works. And that’s what matters!

You must have a speciel version then…

Just tried it again and i cannot clone from a Samsung drive to a Crucial drive. It just keeps showing “Connect a Samsung SSD”
Also the software manual shows a list of supported drives and in the limitations chapter of the manual they tell you that it will only work with the supported drives.


over the weekend, I did the upgrade to Win10 directly into the existing Win7-x64. Worked quite OK.

Only one hard issue was to be solved (more to that further down). Also the eLicenser software was to be updated. All the rest is so far (!) working without problems. No other re-install of software or drivers was required.

The most time was spent on backing up the system disk. Did it two times with two different software tools - just to be safe. :wink:

The hardest part was to find the one (!) piece of software, that was blocking the upgrade. The Windows10 upgrade tool kept saying "It is not possible to upgrade your PC … error 0x19001… or so ". No info about what in particular was blocking this. Is it eligibility, free upgrade period closed (which is not), incompatible drivers or software, etc.

During the many tries while removing step-by-step unnecessary or questionable software or unplugging USB-devices, I kept searching the internet. Also made a deep-dive through “panther” log-files created during the upgrade. They should disclose, what is blocking the upgrade,

Found many many hints in the internet (just hints, not solutions). One of those hints lead to the solution. A Virus Checker can be the problem. Finally, it turned out, that the blocker was my virus checker (it was not Windows Defender).

Once the virus checker was uninstalled, the upgrade went through. It then took something like 1-2 hours (medium fast PC with SSD). Some attendance is required for selecting certain options here and then.

After having finished that, I plugged in all the USB-Devices and started Cubase. Only the eLicenser showed error messages. Something like “too old for this version”. Once eLicenser was updated and its maintenance procedure was completed, Cubase started without any other problems. Projects are still intact, 3rd party plugins work, all USB-connections were up and running. Looks good - so far. :wink:

Also the other pieces of software installed on this PC (not very many) seem to be OK.

Hope this helps some people here to reduce the pain points to get over it.



Thanks guys. Some really useful info there. I am on holiday at the moment but will report back when the job has been completed!!!

Here we go. :frowning: Thanks for the posts.

Leaving Win 7 Pro and not happy, but, time marches on…

I have just moved to W10 in a new puter and have found it to be a very positive move, you gotta get a big SSD though as a previous poster said…your just waiting for the next alarm to go off…I reckon a clean install is the way to go instead of an upgrade…takes a bit longer but well worth it…

Upgrading worked fine for me. I think at this point the upgrade must be getting close to the same thing as a clean install.

your probably right but I found doing a clean install gave me an opportunity to get everything nice and tidy…and dispense with stuff I wasn’t using enough to warrant having on the puter…
maybe other peeps puters don’t look like a war zone like mine did :laughing: :laughing:

Re: Upgrade to Windows 10 - any advice?

I plan to cry a lot. :wink:

Seriously, I’m getting ready do the conversation to Windows 10 (I refused to call it an upgrade or an update). Question. Some of the documents about Windows 10 on the Steinberg website seem a bit out of date, perhaps more applicable to earlier releases of Windows 10, however, after reading some posts here, it seems the current Windows 10 “upgrade” from Micosnort has itself been updated and is now better than it was some months ago. True?

The new CB 10.5 looks very good and I want the update but I hate having to convert to Windows 10. At least we were warned and I knew it was coming down the pike. Wish me luck.

True. I just upgraded my DAW to Win10 a couple of months ago, but have been using it elsewhere for years. The more recent builds are in general much better than when it first came out. The Win7 to Win10 transition was pretty smooth - but I’m glad I held off until now.

I think that MS changed course slightly and decided to include fewer new features and focus more on performance etc. Along with patch-Tuesday things should be better.

Having said that I’ve deferred my feature updates 365 days so I’m still on the previous version.

Thanks, guys you have given some useful information as i see here