Upgrade to WLE8 did not remove WLE7

Surprise… I did upgrade from 7 to 8. All worked fine. Entered new code in eLicenser. Fine again. But my original WLE7 was not removed… Why was it not removed ? I don’t understand…

If I go Un-install WLE7 will I damage common files to WLE8 ? Or will a clean uninstall of 7 occur ?

Or else should I simply redirect the WLE7 shortcuts to recycle bin ?

Or should I keep both versions installed in cases bugs show up in 8 ?

Help anyone ?

I think that is by design and it’s a good thing. All Steinberg products are designed to be installed side-by-side with another version. This has many benefits - the most important being the use of an older - but much more stable and mature version while the new one comes around.

I always leave my old version in place for several months after a new release…then once the new one can be totally trusted - do a bit of cleanup.


As VP says, this is by design.
If you want to uninstall WLE 7 after you install WLE8, the best way is to do it by hand, just erasing the WLE 7 folder.

Thanks both VP and PG. Will wait for some time and do clean up as suggested.

Instead of deleting the 7 directory PG would it not be cleaner to use the un-install feature ? For the sake of killing some Windows Registry entries ? Would it be safe to un-install 7 without damaging the 8 version ?

To be safe, do as i explained.

Understood PG

Many thanks for your help.

Does this also apply when removing WL7 after WL8 is installed?


Furthermore, I have noticed that eLicenser displays a red entry. Looks like a demo license. The demo was replaced by a valid purchased one.

Should I worry about the red item ?

I think we all have that one - I certainly do. It’s some sort of MP3 Encoder ‘soft’ license (one that resides on the computer hard disk). Don’t know why it’s there, but it doesn’t bother me…

Hmmm…I seem to remember “Elements” required the purchase of the Frunhof MP3 encoder whereas that cost was not a concern for the “full” version of WL.

I would expect the same to be true for WLE 8. The MP3 license is not free…I don’t think…

I do not have this “red” entry in my license summary…