Upgrade UR824 to USB C?

Hello all!
Does anyone here know if the older UR824’s can be updated/upgraded to work with USB-C (thunderbolt)? I would love to trim down my latency and give a boost to my sample rate quality. Heck, it would just be better overall. I really don’t want to buy a new interface. I am finally figuring this one out.

The UR824 is USB2, but if you want you can use an adapter for USB C, as the USB C should be backwards compatible with USB 2. No point though, other than maybe if you don’t have USB A ports on your computer.
But don’t worry, with the limitaitons on your soundcard (192/24 and 24 in) USB2 is fine. Also, USB C and Thunderbolt are two very different things that just happen to share the connector.
Worry less about things like this and focus on making wonderful music:)