Upgrade + USB eLicenser obsolescence

So I woke up this morning to see I had a Cubase Pro upgrade offer! Amazing! I’d been waiting for this! But isn’t it just a little bit annoying that new Pro users will need to buy a dongle when Steinberg has already said they’re getting rid of it?
Are we talking about weeks, months or years away? I had really hoped they would sync their new dongle-free system announcements with an upgrade offer. Had they done so, I would 100% go for it, but I just feel now like they want me to buy up the last of their stock of dongles before they go dongle free. Pretty lame move if that’s true…

I don’t think they are getting rid of it. There will be an additional option without the dongle but users who like it can keep it. Your whining is lame. If you don’t want the dongle just wait. There will be another sale. The dongle free option is simply not ready yet.

@jaslan If there is likely to remain a dongle, then I will likely go ahead and purchase it anyway. I actually like dongles, despite all the hate for them, I just didn’t want to pay an extra ‘tax’ on software to help Steinberg clear some stock. I appreciate your response. I do not appreciate the snide remark however, it added no substance to your message.

You are correct. My comment was uncalled for as was your uninformed comment about Steinberg’s “lame” attempt to sell you their remaining stock of a soon to be obsolete item. If we all just stick to factual information or simply ask questions when we don’t know, less people will get their feelings hurt.

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