Upgrade You Plug Ins Collection

I’ve just got a mail about free plugins but can’t seem to find them to download.
Guitar Rig 7 LE doesn’t exist on the Native Instruments web site
Any Ideas ?

Did you open and check the Steinberg Download Assistant?

Go to your My Steinberg page and under the Vouchers tab you’ll find links to redeem each plugin. The mechanism is different for each vendor.


Ive got the download assistant open but am not sure where i should br looking.
Like i say Native Instruments Guitar Rig 7 LE doesnt exist,

You have to click the Redeem link in the Vouchers section I showed above. If I recall correctly, it takes you to the Native Access download page. You hit the copy button to get your serial number, then enter that into Native Access and you can then download GR7 from there.

Hit the Add Serial number and paste it in, then after a minute or two a new section pops up at the top called “New” and the link to download Guitar Rig 7 LE should be there.

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Thanks I’ll have another go when I get time

I’m signed in OK on the NI web site
There is still no LE version of Guitar Rig. Just Pro or Player

Not on the website. Inside Native Access.
Watch the screenshots of @SF_Green.

FYI for those downloading “motion: harmonic”. The Lite version we’re getting only allows one to use the many presets. It doe not include the ability to manipulate the audio effects or create paths for the “magnet”.
I spent half an hour trying to find the widgets that open these controls as described in the manual. Only after activating the 7 day demo did the controls appear, and I expect they’ll disappear next week.
It’s an interesting effect, and may be worth having for the presets alone, as I imagine I’ll be finding out.
Also, the presets didn’t appear for me until I hovered over the empty space at the top center of the window. Now they seem to be staying visible at all times.
Hope this helps another clueless dude like me…


How do I install Vintage Sounds Colour - I eneter the voucher code on their website and I get ‘Coupon not valid’?

It’s the Colors Vintage Synth, not sounds (there are several Colors VSTs, so make sure you get the right one), and you do it in the Steinberg Download Assistant. Click the Enter your Download Access Code icon to enter your code. Then after a minute or so, the Vintage Synth will show up in your My Products download section. Otherwise I think you can also find it in the VST Instruments & Plugins section.



OK - so I have gone through Download Assistant downloaded a 1.4GB download - and Download Assitant says it’s there.
It’s not appearing as a VST Instrument in Cubase.
It is appearing a sound bank in Halion - but only has one patch called Colors Vintage Synth
Have I done something wrong?

No, that’s what it should be. It’s a HALion instrument.


I can’t find any vouchers despite having bought the deal. Can someone please help?

Should be in My Steinberg. Go through the whole topic again (here)

Look at my first screen cap to see where they should be. If they aren’t there then you need to contact Steinberg support to help you.

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Thanks, it’s not there, Steinberg support it is then…

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