Hello, how to upgrade wavelab elements9 to wavelab pro 10 :question:

Go to the steinberg.net page, select Shop > Wavelab Pro 10 and follow from there. You buy the upgrade and download the software, but you DO need an e-Licenser key for the Pro version.

I have bought upgrade WL pro10 and I also have its activation code but when I download through steinberg download assistant, the software, It is the full version and there is no upgrade available. Its version is 10.0.20 I had already installed WL9. If I install WL10 on my system, so will I have both the WL 9 & WL 10 in my e licenser control centre Then the activation code will not be useful. I am sending you some screenshots as well, kindly have a look at them.
Actually what they should do is, they should give an upgrade for the WL 9 which should be WL pro 10. I don’t know, this is confusing. Kindly please give me a detailed step by step process of how to do this.

In this case with moving to a new version you should download the full version. So just DL WL Pro Full.

Thanks, Ok now I install WL pro10 and activation code in to E-licenser control centre, all is don nicely over right 10pro shows in picture.
But it’s not update steinberg web side in my products,
Kindly guide me how to update in my products page?

OMG wl10pro is Wonderful. :slight_smile: https://files.fm/u/pg42v884
Kindly tell what is DDP Player ?

Yep, it is a great audio editor and is very cool looking too! I’m very glad you have it installed.