Hi all, i have cubase 5 full version that i bought when it came out and it has the subsequent updates. im thinking of upgrading to 7. will i loose anything from buying it new and full rather than upgrading? if not, apart from what cubase 7 offers, will i get any extra plugins, vsts? also will my 32bit plugins work on it or will i have to get jbridge?

Many thanks for any input!


will i loose anything from upgrading to buying the full version???

buying the full version will make you lose roughly 350 €
Buying the upgrade will not lose you anything…

money obviously but thankyou for the reply, i mean within the program?


and will 32bit vsts work in it or will i have to get jbridge?

It will depend on which ones exactly, but in general 32 bit VSTi / Fx do work in 32 Bit cubase (IIRC officially supported is from Versin VST 2.4 and higher) without jbridge. But don´t blame me if you´ve got some that don´t.