upgraded Cubase LE AI Elements 10.0.30 issue with Yamaha AG06 input


After installing the latest upgrade of Cubase LE AI Elements (10.0.30 Build 236) had to reinstall the driver for Yamaha AG06.

After that, for some reason the audio input even though it seems correctly wired (i.e. studio connection is set mono1 and mono2 channels correctly), there is no signal coming into the application and therefore cannot record. My friend who ahs similar settings and Yamaha AG03 USB interface is facing the same issue.

It was working perfectly before the upgrade and the settings were exactly the same. Any help/advice?


(im using windows 10 64 bit in a HP computer (Intel I5), had installed Bouncy vibrations package too).

Are you sure you have the correct driver selected? Tried re-creating/re-assigning the buses? Just something to try. Screenshots might be helpful here.

Thanks! that solved the problem! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

i re-created the buses and now it’s working.

Good deal!

I had same problem my cubase not see in put try to uninstall Yamaha drive and reinstall but seem not working can show me how to do