Upgraded from v4 to v6. Could I run v5?


I probably know the answer to this but thought I would check anyway. I had Cubase v4 and missed out v5. I then upgraded from v4 to v6. I have a college who is running Cubase 5 and we need to swap session files. Would I a) be able to run Cubase 5 from the licences on my dongle and b) if I could would it be legal? I am assuming that as I didn’t purchase v5 then I don’t have any hope of running it but thought I would give it a shot.


You will be able to run Cubase 5 and all previous versions without a problem and it´s legal.


Don’t take my word for it since I haven’t tried, but I was under the impression that you could run older versions of the software you have a license for.

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I was rather hoping this would be the case. Just need to try it now which means getting hold of the C5 install DVD or files. I don’t want to resort to a torrent. I’m assuming no one knows of an easy way to do this? Steinberg only host the upgrade files as far as I can see.

Ah, the Cubase 5 trial download is still available in MySteinberg. Downloading now. Fingers crossed it will work with my C6 licence.

While I was waiting for my upgrade from Studio 5 to Cubase 6 to arrive I downloaded the trial version to try out the extra features I’d been missing from cubase 5, the trial now works as the full version on my Cubase 6 license and uses the latest update.