Upgraded From WL7 To WL9. Any Tips For The Lazy/Frightened?

Yes, I need to RTFM.

But please be gentle. I stuck with WL4 basically until I couldn’t force my Windows 7 machine to work it anymore. For -me- it was already so wonderful, I didn’t bother with upgrades. So I was forced to upgrade to WL7 and it was (almost) as painful as getting divorced. I mean I -HATE- the WL7 UX. (Sorry Philippe). So I’m jumping into WL9 and it too looks -completely- different. And I hope it’s different in a good way.

Anyhoo… I’m hoping someone can point me to some (probably now old) docs or tutorials on moving to WL9.

My main objections to WL7 had to do with how non-standard was the UI. Almost -nothing- worked as I expect in Windows. I felt like I had to re-learn the entire program as distinct from Windows–which I resented deeply. So I’m hoping to configure WL9 to work more like a ‘normal’ Windows app. I don’t spend enough time in WL every day to ‘memorise’ it. Or rather, I will, but then I’ll be away from it for several weeks—just long enough to forget everything.

Mainly I use WL to take zillions of small files generated w Cubase and then massage them for a mastering engineer usually by creating a CD… often just a Basic CD or a batch of MP3s to send out to a web page. So anything that can speed up those kinds of workflows would be helpful.



Nothing to be frightened about. WL9 is WAY WAY WAY more intuitive than 7 was… WL9 is my favorite version of Wavelab ever - and that includes 6. Just jump in and check it out. I’d be surprised if you struggle the way you did with 7.

I was hoping so. But when I first opened it up, it had the whole -mess- of windows like WL7, which I guess I need to go through and arrange to my liking. That gave me such a PTSD moment, I took a break. :smiley:

Thanks for the encouragement.

So… to save me some time, is there any built-in ‘theme’ that can make WL9 instantly kinda/sorta look/work like good ol’ WL6?


Well, for what it’s worth, all I did was to close every default window (except the couple I knew I would obviously want and I put those where I preferred them to be). Started work and only added a couple more as I realized they would be handy. Basically instant conversion to a WL 6 like environment (although for me I wasn’t especially chasing that).

Create a “standard” template/session. Mine has three tabs (batch processors/references/blank tab to start the next project).

I appreciate that this isn’t exactly deep advice, but it turned out to be pretty simple pretty quickly. DAWs are a personal thing and that’s part of the real power of WL 9: you can very easily make it suit your workflow preferences.I can honestly say that I reckon it has resulted in clear efficiencies. I hope you find the same level of love.

I have the meters I like to see docked on a second screen.