Upgraded my OS to Windows 7...REACTIVATE ISSUES...HELP!!!

I had to upgrade my OS to Windows 7. This was after I had done the install when it was Vista. Now I have to reactivate. Steinberg says enter old activation key (which I did) and enter my new e-license code. (How the heck do I get a new one. It keeps giving me the old one, and I can’t re-install!!! HELP!!!

The new soft e-licenser number should be within e-licenser control center.

It just keeps giving me the same one?

Try performing maintenance from within e-licenser control center.
Should re-download your licenses if the number is the same.

I should have realized that the soft e-licenser is hardware based, not OS based.

I did that. Then when I enter it on the site it says it has already been used. What a pain!!

You performed maintenance and it didn’t re-download the licenses?
Why would you have to enter the number on the website?

The license isn’t displayed within the e-licenser control center?

Yes I guess you have to go to the Stienberg site and sign in. Then go to re-activate. It asks for the new e-license, and the old activation code. I put in the old code and that it ok. but when I put in the license number i get.
The license cannot be reactivated. The apparently new eLicenser contains the license of the old activation code. Please enter another Soft-eLicenser number or contact the support team of Steinberg

Technically you’re not reactivating a license.
Your attempting to re-download an already activated license.
So the re-activation process isn’t going to work. Re-activation assumes that you’ve had some hardware change (hard drive due to crash, upgraded [not OS apparently] computer), thus generating a new soft e-licenser number.

Confirming: you clicked on the maintenance button in e-licenser control center?

If this doesn’t work, contact support.