Upgraded system, still experiencing latency

I recently upgraded my PC so that I can live stream my electronic drum kit. Current specs are i9 10850k, 64 GB ram, and Cubase 10.5 is on a m.2 SSD. I am currently setting up GetGood Drums Modern and Massive pack through Kontakt so that I can sample my kit while I stream. MIDI is sent directly out of the drum module into Cubase/Kontakt. I am monitoring through my Schiit Modi 3 output using “Generic Low Latency Audio Driver.”

When I set a buffer size of 10ms, there is still some perceptible delay, and tons of crackling. At 12ms, the crackling goes away but some sounds are still dropped if I play fast. At 50ms, no sounds are dropped but there is a large delay. At this point, I am not streaming or running OBS, and my CPU utilization has never gone above 14%.

Is it possible to reduce my latency enough to monitor the output live without crackling?


Instead of "Generic Low Latency Audio Driver” use “ASIO” or “ASIO4ALL” driver and u should be fine

Can I just say, using a soundcard with a native ASIO driver, would make a world of difference.
Something like a RME audio-device, even if USB connected would do the job. The tolerated latency for working with audio is usually around 5-6ms for most. Anything more is going to be annoying, but of cause we are all build different, so it depends on how sensitive You are.