Upgraded to 12, performance terrible. Cubase 11 won't start. Yay

Title says it all. I can still see my license in the Elicenser but I get an “Process with the ID NOT found” error. I can’t finish a project because a project I’m working on runs like on my computer from 10 years ago in CB 12. Looking for a bucket to puke in now…

Update: In the task manager I stopped the process “Protected Object Server” and CB 11 starts, thank god. And I can now really verify that the performance difference between 11 and 12 is extreme in my situation. The project I’m working on now is running at about %60 Average in the CB 11 Audio Performance window and it was running at %99 and having dropouts and crackles in CB 12. Guess I’ll just sit back and wait for all the service updates. Thanks for taking my money Steinberg.

I tried all day to see if updating plugins would help but unfortunately not. But now I cannot open my current project in CB 12 at all. It loads but then the screen freezes and I have to shut it off in task manager. It’s not even a complicated mix. I can easily do a mix that is double as CPU heavy with no issues in CB 11. Oh well…

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Last update: I’ve opened the project on my MacBook Pro and all works without a problem. CPU performance is normal. I’m using about 20 audio tracks, a heavily loaded Superior drummer 3 with 12 stereo outputs, lots of native plugins and quite a few UAD plugins. My master buss is also full. Odd that I would have so much trouble on my PC which is my main work computer.

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on my PC
instead I noticed better performances on a big project (realized with version 11) that uses vst instruments in a massive way (2 omnisphere, halionsonic etc).

In c12 the performance meter is much more stable and I have no problem with crackles or audio skips … and my hardware configuration is not exactly up to date …

PC i7 4790
16 gb Ram

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I’m having cpu spikes in 12 whereas 11 would breeze throught this. I’m also on windows 10 on i9 9900k with plenty of ram. hoping it gets resovled.

I too am working on a quite powerful computer with the best motherboard money can buy from ASUS, a i9 9900k with 64 gigs of RAM. I feel this must be an issue with a plugin or a VSTi. I’m only using 1 VSTi but it’s heavily loaded. I’ve had this in the past with new versions of CB and usually an update seems to have done the job. Never trust a .0.0 version software.

This just keeps getting more and more interesting. So now, out of curiosity, I made a new CB 12 project and started loading some plugins. One of the first plugins I loaded was the Waves WLM Meter and it instantly froze. And the plugin GUI was comply white, no parameters to be seen. This was very odd. I couldn’t believe that this very light plugin could cause any problems so I searched farther. I restarted CB 12 after the crash and tried the same and it happened again. I remembered that the plugin GUI was white so I thought maybe it’s a graphic issue. I’m using 2 monitors, a smaller one with 1920 × 1200 and a 4K large one with 4096 x 2160. So I just turned off my large monitor and tried again. Started CB 12, loaded the WLM plugin. No issues. Then I opened my mix that was causing issues, all good. Everything runs fine. CPU load seems better than before, no dropouts or crackles. I continue the test and restarted my large 4K monitor, started CB 12 and loaded the project again. Immediate freeze. So it seems to be a graphic issues and I’m not yet sure what the culprit is but oddly enough I do not have this issue in CB 11 which ultimately leads me to believe that it is still a CB 12 issue. I hope that someone at Steinberg actually reads this and it helps with the debugging. I hate being a beta tester.

Please send us your crash logs and we will have a look. But you are probably right that the mix of 4k and HD screens causes the issue. That’s always tough on Windows.

Hi Matthias, I’m try to upload the crash logs but I keep getting the error: Filesize must be greater than or equal to 1. Alternatively I could send you this link: Dropbox - Error

That’s fine. I’ll feed it into our system and we will have a look. Thanks!

Cheers, I hope it works out!

I have just upgraded to Cubase 12 and tried to load a project I have been working on using Superior Drummer 3 with Multi outs enabled. Latency has gone up slightly with Cubase 12 but still OK at 3.8ms. I am getting lots of pops and clicks that I never saw in Cubase 11. I have a reasonable CPU with 64GB RAM and good AI (Babyface Pro FS). Before I go and troubleshoot all my settings just wanted to check if this is anything to do with SD3 being vst2 ?

SOLVED (I think). I updated all preferences in Cubase to be same as previous version 11 and restarted Cubase and now all seems to be OK (but very slight increase in latency but not noticeable)

It did not work here :frowning:

I also noticed some spikes. I have intel i5 10600K with 32gb of RAM. I think one of the reasons is Maschine 2. Every time I play it, performance meter spikes. With C11 I had no such issues. Also seems to be a small latency issue, even though in my soundcard it’s only under 4ms. Also I get lots of crashes when I shut down C12. Still, I like the new improvements.

ivd its steinberg plugins such as retrologue which are kicking the crap out of my computer but are ok in c10.
ive just tried making a song in cubase i has 1 instance of groove agent/2 komplete kontrol and 1 rendered audio …i opened retrologue then bang meters all went red and im sat here waiting for something too happen its froze for last 5 minutes nothings working.

The teams is confident that this will be fixed with the first maintenance update. Thanks for sending the report!

Sorry to chime in again but now, all of a sudden, I’m having a new issue that I did not have before. I cannot save ANY vst plugin presets. I choose “Save” and name the preset, hit “ok” and nothing happens. The window doesn’t go away, I get no error messages, nothing. I’ve checked my permissions and all is well (MAC) and I’ve checked the preset folder that “read and write” is allowed. I didn’t have this before installing CB 12. Mind you, this is CB 11 I’m talking about now.