UPgraded to Cubase Elements 11 instead of 13

I have a receipt that I bought the 13 version, yet after updating, in my Elicenser it says CUbase elements 11 (Upgraded to CUbase with Steinnberg LIcensing). ANy idea?

V13 does not use the dongle. The message applies to earlier versions.

First, why could I then enter the code if the Soft E licenser does not apply to it? Remember I upgraded from CUbase AI 11 which runs using the elicenser. From the below text it says NOWHERE that this is only limited to the older versions, but perhaps because the text is old. Well it talks about backwards compatibility. Not sure what this infers or which purpose.

OK, has not peaked my interest before now. THis text is a bit “Once I saw a saw saw in Warsaw and of all saws I ever saw saw, I never saw a…”.

GOsh a lot of steps and reading just to do this. SO first I read this…

WHen I click on a link therein …https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/4414539809426-Steinberg-Licensing-Upgrades-from-eLicenser-based-products

…It seems I can only get my new upgrade onto another laptop (reinstallation) by copyng the elicense onto a USB and transfer it that way.
It is pretty unclear.
I wonder why now I have bought the upgrade, I am not granted the easy option to simply install it with the NEW STEINBERG LICENSER. (I was actually told by the kind sales representative or rather support guy, that now I would be able to install it easily on up to 3 units with the same license). It seems more complicated than that.

It does not say anywhere in the text I have read.

SO then in the first text and one click down, …https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/115001181930-eLicenser-How-to-register-Steinberg-software-and-why-it-s-worth-it
… it talks about registering the elicense with Steinberg…lol…in order to still be able to use it after the expiration of the Elicenser service.

Again gosh. And I thought I could now just focus on installing a fresh Cubase version on my new pc. :frowning:

I don’t use Cubase often and only for my specific purposes. I don’t enjoy spending time unnecessarily on such bureaucratic issues. I prefer making music.

That is normal.

What do you see in the Steinberg Activation Manager? (since Cubase 12, eLicenser is obsolete).

The upgrade process needs to find the old eLicenser based license just once, so that it can check if you are allowed to upgrade. After a successful check the old license is marked with the “Upgraded to Steinberg Licensing” view.

From this point on you don’t need the eLicenser anymore, except you want to run old products that still rely on this.

All future versions will exactly do this, because now you have a Steinberg Licensing license.

All you need to do is start the Activation Manager, login to your Steinberg Account and click on the Activate button, and this can be done up to three times.

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Yeah, it’s confusing but everything most likely will work in the end. We recently upgraded from a very old version to 13 and our eLicenser license showed we had upgraded to version 11 so we thought something had gone awry.
But in the Steinberg Activation Manager it showed version 13 as ‘Pending activation…’ or something like that and later ‘Activated’. Steinberg checked my license activation and all was as it should be they said.

I don’t know why they also automatically upgraded our Nuendo license to version 11 in the eLicenser. Maybe it’s to facilitate using an older Nuendo version that is licensed under the eLicenser service for the time being (it will close down in 2025)?

So start the Steinberg Activation Manager, activate version 13 and most likely you’ll be all set.

THanks for the solutions. Have yet to do it but it seems I simply install CUbase without the elicenser.