Upgraded to Windows 10, having buffer underrun issues again

As the title states, I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 (and changed nothing else on my setup besides an additional SSD) and now I’m having buffer underrun issues. I had this problem back when I first got Cubase 8, I believe, and I had fixed it before, but I can’t remember how/what I did. Ran a test with Latencymon and it’s saying, well basically the obvious: “Your system seems to be having difficulty handling real-time audio/can experience drop outs, clicks or pops” etc.

Can you guys throw some suggestions at me so I can try to solve this issue once more?

Windows 10
16gb RAM
i7 4770k CPU
Motu 828mk3 Hybrid

Well, until you get latency mon to show nice and clean readings it’s not a Cubase issue so don’t bother with that. Anyways have you followed steinberg system tweaks guide? Since you didn’t mention that, best place to start for sure.
Try looking up your motherboard model and see if other users reported how they setup things…
Truthfully after fresh OS install things I do (but i know not everyone does)… - also note for first few days Win10 will be grouchy as it finishes setting things up in background.
-note the CPU usage in taskmanager for ‘apps’ or services.
-note anything in latency mon that seems out of the ordinary…
what I’d do personally
go through all windows settings turn of crap you don’t need
turn of windows search (especially if you have many drives) for one or two clean drives might be better
power to high
turn of antivirus except for Windows defender, but if you leave on make sure realtime scanning is turned off

I dunno… Maybe tinker with BIOS cpu setting if you feel up to it. (that’s in Steinberg tweaks guide also). Just because you changed nothing else doesn’t mean system won’t react differenty, and going from 7 to 10 is pretty big jump. But it’s worth it IMO once you get it sorted.

Well I merely “upgraded” the OS, not reformatted to 10, so any of the Cubase “fixes” that they recommend, I’ve already done back when I was on Windows 7. But I can take a look at them again and see if anything helps.

That’s the rootcause, you should do a CLEAN install, not an UPGRADE

Those fixes don’t carry over a upgrade. That isn’t the issue because my system has been upgraded since W7 and it is running perfect as far as Cubase and DAW stuff.
Nowadays these Windows upgrades are essentially a clean instal, at least as far as system components. Each upgrade, even ‘redstone’ update needs to be re-tweaked as most settings related to windows system AND your hardware get resetted.