Upgrades without making new installs

Every time I buy an update of Cubase it installs it in a fresh new folder, instead of upgrading the existing install. This is extremely annoying and I lose all of my settings, and vst links. I then have to manually copy the files, and remove the old installation.
Why do you do it this way? There must be some reason for it? Why cant you simply perform a upgrade like every other software in the world and replace the old files with new versions.


Also, what folder/files do I have to move in order to get all my settings and VSTS working again? so I can remove the old verison?

Are you on Windows or Mac?

Windows 10

So usually, your settings/etc data (assuming you saved them as presets) are in a hidden folder:


Then you’d have to copy them over to:


Apparently, I found out today that you can save “profiles” that supposedly include all that in Cubase 8.5, it’s in their latest youtube video. I haven’t tried it out for myself though.