Upgrading CPU from i7 6700 to 6700k?

I was thinking about switching my i7 6700 CPU with the 6700k so I can overclock it. Based on how Cubase/DAWs utilize CPU will I see much of a difference with the overclocked 6700k?

I have 32GB of RAM but I’m constantly choking the CPU when mixing. I’ve utilized all the techniques and tips to help with CPU usage but still run into CPU issues quite often.

some later generation i7 would give more benefits than just overclocking… it doesn’t help on the stability either…
the gen8 core-i series should still use the same socket… but I’m not totally sure…

My MB only supports i7

no it doesn’t… it supports Celerons, i5 and i3 as well

Yeah older gens. I thought you were referring to i8s.

i8 doesn’t exist

Sorry meant 8xxx. It doesn’t look like my board supports gen8. I can go to 7700k.