Upgrading Cubase Elements when Cubase is not installed on C: Drive

Hello, due to low disk space on my OS drive (running Windows 10), I re-installed cubase elements 8 on another drive recently and also moved the library content to the other drive with Steinberg Library Manager. Now, I would like to upgrade to Cubase Elements 11 and just wanted to a feel for any issues that I may face during the upgrade. The questions running in my head are as follows:

  1. Will the upgrade process take care of the fact that Cubase Elements is installed on another drive and not on C: automatically ?

  2. Will there be any additional libary content (factory loops etc.) installed with the upgrade and will these also be installed automatically on the other hard disk or will I see option to install them in another location ?

One issue I noticed after moving the factory library content with Steinberg Library Manager is that the loops browser is not showing my any of the factory content loops other than Drums. And I think this is not due to filter. Thankfully, I can still see the loops in the Media Bay view though. But there is no option on Loop Browser View to select the alternative locations. Any clue of how to resolve this ?


Hi and welcome to the forum,

This is not supported and might bring a trouble when updating.

This is totally OK.

No. The upgrade is related to the license only. Cubase executable is independent. You will install another application (Cubase 11 at the moment).

Yes, there is additional library. It will be installed to the system drive by default. Then you can move it.

Thanks for the reply! I went through the upgrade and it went fine. Both my earlier version and cubase 11 were working. But I re-installed my windows in a new drive yesterday and now reactivation is not working. I will create another post about it and put the link on this post as well. Thanks again!


Unfortunately, the link is missing.

Licence activation/reactivation has nothing to do with Cubase installation.

Martin, I ran into reactivation issues post formatting and re-installing windows and all software but very thankfully, all the issues are resolved with active help from Ben at Steinberg.

Thanks for your time. Have a good day!