Upgrading Cubase from AI LE 9 to Elements 12

Hi, i hope to find a solution for Cubase LE installation problem. I have an Cubase AI LE 9 license, associated to an interface UR, and bought un upgrade to Cubase Elements 12 ; first based in eLicenser and the second in Licensing. With some apparently solved problems, installed AI LE 9 and Elements 12 in an Asus laptop (my second priority). But it´s been impossible to replicate the process in my SonyVaio laptop (first priority), because license unrecognition. In meantime the two license Elements 12 appear in my account. Now I desinstalled Elements 12 and are completely trapped to end the process.
For the beginning, I need guidelines for two process:

  1. Install upgrade LE 12 from AI LE 9.
  2. Install LE 12 in a second computer.
    Many thanks in advance

Just install the software on both devices, using the Steinberg Download Assistant. It will install everything that is required.

That’s all that’s needed. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an update or upgrade. They all can exists side-by-side.

Are you sure about that? You should launch the Activation Manager.

If you need to learn what that is, please have a look at

Thank you Steve. I gonna do it again (after being uninstalled). I want to use the same files previously downloaded, but I have a doubt: in SonyVaio installation the name of version is Cubase 12, different to name in Asus one (this mentionned the upgrade and say Elements 12). But I only downloaded files listed after writing recived Acces Code. Could be an issue thear?

You should simply do what I suggested, don’t use the previously downloaded files. Just use the Steinberg Download Assistant. Do you have that?

Yes. I introduced the Download Access Code and received same activation code of first time. When try to activate license, eLicenser repliques there is no license to improve. Do I continue the same?

You do not need to reactivate.

Please, before writing back simply install the software from the Download Assistant.

Do not use the activation code.

An obvious question: do i select the cubase elements 12 option and nothing more?

You should select the Cubase Elements Icon, and download and install and everything in its list. That’s what you own, because you

Make sure you run the Activation Manager and the Library Manager so you can understand what they are.

Activation Manager

Library Manager

I used Activation Manager to activate Cubase Elements 12 with success. It opens; opening process shows 2 issues: could´nt load content for Flux and Padshop (don’t know its important).

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Steve, to close the topic, i want to grateful your kind attention.
Best regards

Thank you kindly @RicSotom!