Upgrading Cubase to 8.0x

I upgraded to 8.0 from 6.07 recently. I would like to make a couple of points.

  1. I can still use 6.07. If I were running a professional studio, and I had projects in flight, no question they would remain on 6.07.
  2. I was very happy with 6.07, but so far, I’m quite impressed with 8.05, although I need to find out what more is in there that I haven’t found yet. But I’m especially pleased with ASIO Guard, which was actually introduced somewhere in the Cubase 7 series, and is amazing for performance.
  3. I understand that there are many people who are finding issues with 8.05. But see point 1.
  4. Nobody should expect an x.0 version to be perfect. If someone ties his or her livelihood to an x.0 release, when a prior release works just fine, then I think it is his or her own fault if the new release has an impact on business.
  5. I continue to be flabbergasted that you can buy a piece of software that can do all the things that Cubase can do, especially for essentially nothing. You can debate analog vs. digital, tape, tubes, console, etc, but you can’t debate all the capability.