Upgrading Elements 11 to Artist 11 from 3rd party reseller?

I have Cubase Elements 11 license and I’m itching to upgrade it to Artist, but because it has to come with the eLicenser (for now) I was reluctant to order from Steinberg directly because it will likely take a week or so to get here…

So I checked with 3rd party resellers and was surprised to see that:

  1. None of them carry Elements → Artist upgrade, only AI → Artist
  2. The upgrade AI → Artist at 3rd party resellers is half the price of what it costs from Steinberg (no, it’s not EDU version) and it’s cheaper than Elements → Artist from Steinberg, which is weird because AI is a lower version

So, my question is if AI → Artist upgrade would work for me, despite me having Elements?

No, the code will not be accepted by the eLCC.

Are you sure?

Steinberg Cubase Artist 11 - Upgrade from Cubase Elements 6-11, Cubase Studio 4-5, Cubase SL 1-3 (download) | Sweetwater

Also …

Steinberg USB-eLicenser Software Authorization Key | Sweetwater

Thanks. I’m in Poland, so I wasn’t even looking at US stores, but perhaps that’s something to consider :slight_smile: