Upgrading Elements to Artist - Possible problem with online account & registration

On Sunday I purchased the Cubase Artist Upgrade. Since I am upgrading from Elements a USB eLicenser is included on the order. In the process of making the order I made the mistake of creating a new online account and making the purchase from it. Can anyone tell me if I am going to have a problem activating and registering Cubase Artist and the USB eLicenser purchased on one account and the other 7 items purchased with another online account and currently registered with the Soft eLicenser on my PC? I have requested help from support and I got an acknowledgement email but after 4 days, no help. The USB eLicenser is supposed to get here next week so I am concerned about finding out it won’t work after the sale is over. If I can’t get any help before the sale prices are no longer available I am tempted to go ahead and purchase another upgrade now using my old account and deal with getting a refund or selling the other upgrade to someone else. Any help, opinions or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

I don’t think the separate online accounts is relevant, at least for the upgrade.

You’ll have to transfer your old Cubase and other Steinberg licenses from Soft-eLicenser to USB-eLicenser first. After your old licenses have been successfully transferred to the USB eLicenser, you can perform the upgrade to Cubase Artist in the usual manner.

The following link should help.

Your “asknet” online shop accounts are totally different from your “MySteinberg” account where your licenses are registered. So… you can purchase from different asknet accounts and will have no issues if you register your new purchase to the same MySteinberg account the others are registered in.

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There is no requirement for the original poster to transfer all their licenses to the USB eLicenser. The Cubase Artist licence must be on a USB eLicenser - you cannot have a Cubase Artist, Cubase Pro or Nuendo licence on a soft eLicenser. I think I’m right in saying that the Cubase Elements licence that is being upgraded to Artist is transferred to the USB eLicenser first, then upgraded.

Any licenses that are valid in a soft eLicenser can stay there. I have my Dorico and Iconica licences in a soft eLicenser and my Cubase Pro licence in a USB eLicenser. The two eLicensers work side by side. I hope, in time, that Steinberg improves the licensing system so that a USB eLicenser becomes optional and that licences can be moved from a USB eLicenser to a soft eLicenser (at the moment, it’s a one way deal - once you move a licence to a USB eLicenser you can move it to another USB eLicenser but not back to a soft eLicenser).

It can be a pain that the Steinberg web site has three different login systems with no option to link them:

  • My Steinberg
  • the online store (Asknet), and
  • these forums

There is no automatic registration of a download product in the My Steinberg account with the same e-mail address so, as Prock says, go ahead and use your Cubase Artist upgrade code. Once you have done that, register the USB eLicenser and before long your Cubase Artist licence will show in My Steinberg.

If Steinberg give the option of a My Steinberg account and online store account with the same password, I hope that anyone with linked accounts will have no more than an option to have a downloaded licence registered automatically in My Steinberg. There are circumstances where you need to purchase a licence with one account and it be registered by someone else, for example when buying a gift.

Just an FYI… Here is an article explaining the different account for Steinberg services.

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Thanks to you guys for taking time to reply. As you all already knew it would, everything worked fine. And you were correct that the Elements license had to be transferred to the USB before I could activate Artist. All other items are still listed under the Soft eLicenser, except Elements 10 which is no longer listed under either but still works. On top of that, Elements 9 which was upgraded to Elements 10 and has been uninstalled, still appears in the Soft eLicenser. Aren’t computers fun?