Upgrading from 7.5.2 to 7.5.4

I’ve been using 7.5.2 and its been fairly solid, though it was interesting reading about how in 7.5.4 it apparently reduces (or just a change on the performance meter visual behaviour itself) ASIO performance spiking for RME interfaces.

I’m using an RME UFX so wondering if it’ll make an improvement.

Do I need to install 7.5.3 first? Or can I just install 7.5.4 straight over 7.5.2?

Think its worth it?

You can go directly to 7.5.4. I would recommend getting on the last version of 7.5.4. If you have trouble with the update, I would suggest uninstalling, and then reinstalling from the Complete Installer, then updating to 7.5.4.

Whoah, there are multiple versions of 7.5.40?

I got on board quite late (about 4-6 weeks ago), so I imagine I have the latest … but for the record, can you please post the revision # so I can compare with mine?

Thanks -

(PS - Does the Hub alert us to that kind of thing?)

I don’t think that’s what Chris meant, he’s just saying ‘use the latest version, this being 7.5.4’. But if it’s otherwise, I’m interested to find out about it. I’m on 7.5.40 release 315.

Yes, I only meant to go to the latest version which is 7.5.4. There is only one version of 7.5.4. Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks much for clarifying -