Upgrading from AI to Artist Activation Failing

I know it’s a long shot, but in the complete absence of a reply from Steinberg support so far I thought I’d see if anyone might be able to shed some light on my issue.

I’ve successfully activated a copy of Cubase AI that was bundled with an UR12 audio interface, and I’ve bought a boxed AI to Cubase 10 upgrade from someone who mistakenly bought it.

He put the download code into his MySteinberg some time ago then discovered he’d bought the wrong upgrade and sold it to me.

I have the activation code from the seller, any when I enter it it states it does the following :
“Update for Cubase AI 4 (SeL), Update for Cubase AI 5 (SeL), Update for Cubase AI 6 (SeL), Update for Cubase AI 7 (SeL), Update for Cubase AI 8 (SeL), Update for Cubase AI 9 (SeL), Update for Cubase AI 9.5 (SeL), Update for Cubase AI 10 (SeL)”
But when I try and activate it, the upgrade errors with “Currently, there is no license which can be upgraded by your upgrade license…”

I’ve read through numerous licensing issues in the forum and they seem to be along the lines of buying the wrong upgrade or not moving the AI license to a USB eLicenser before the upgrade, but I’m pretty sure I’ve done all the necessary.

My only thought is that the license I have on my USB is called “Cubase AI” (note no version number) which may not be matching the upgrade code which seems to be for looking for specific versions. If that’s the case I’m assuming my only hope is the terminally slow Steinberg support?

If I’m doing something silly here (and frankly I hope I am) I’d be grateful if someone would point it out for me or any other ideas would be most welcomed.



Hi and welcome,

From my point of view everything looks totally OK and it should work.

Steinberg Support is the only way in this case, I would say.


My best guess is you’re right about the version mismatch. If you’ve recently activated AI you may have the latest AI 10.5 license and Artist upgrade might not work right away as it expects AI 10.0 license or older. Try to check the AI license version in your MySteinberg account.

Although I’m pretty sure your eLicenser database is up to date, try to update once again and check if meanwhile the upgrade path has been added: “Support->Update eLicenser License Database”.

If upgrade still does not work your only option is to contact Steinberg - I’d suggest calling the (very helpful) Steinberg phone support directly, this will save you time.

A reference to similar case - Artist failing to upgrade AI due to version mismatch: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=159922



My expectation is, Cubase Artist 10.5 accepts even an upgrade from Cubase AI 10.5. I don’t think an older version is needed.

But I agree, to double-check the database update might help.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions. The database update came back saying it’s already up-to-date.
Interesting reading the similar issue.

It sounds like Support is the way to go. I’ve had a ticket open for 10 days with no response so I think I’ll take the advice to call them.


It’s worth noting that I’ve not yet been able to call support (I’ve been away) but my online ticket has now been open 17 days with no response.
Basically Steinberg online support is less than useless, so I’ll know just to phone right away next time.

However, while I was away, Steinberg seems to have fixed the problem in the background and I’ve managed to upgrade after performing key maintenance.