upgrading from C4 Edu to C6 , is it possible?

Hi guys , I have C4 education , am wondering if i can upgrade from education edition to C6 ? is that possible that the (education edition) to be upgrade ? any help it would be appreciated and thnx in advance.

I think it works just like a normal upgrade from C4 to C6.

ooooh i really really really hope so
I am updating from C5 edu and with Illinois income taxes taking a nice 66% jump… it would be fantastic news
so BUMP for official word (i shot a message to support as well)

I am just wary because logic doesn’t allow one to upgrade from an EDU version (which was understandable when the edu version of logic was 180 to 900 retail) - but a big bummer none the less

I sent a message to the support section too , hopefully it works.

"Educational products qualify for the same upgrades as our retail products.There is not an additional discount for education upgrades, because the upgrade is already discounted.

You can upgrade from www.steinberg.net/en/shop

Thank you.

Joshua Matlock "

  • steinberg support email


We should be absolutely fine! (and have an extra $350 in our pockets :wink:

Hell even if 6.0 is a bit wonky (when is a .0 release not?) still should be awesome (and this will be reason #302 why i left logic for cubase)

hey i got the same message from the support team , so it means that we can do the upgrade , right ?

I just did it from C5…so can you from C4 :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen: :angry:

Yes, from C4 or C5 EDU, you can upgrade to the normal full version of C6 for the same price as the non EDU upgrade.

thank you guys for the info. :slight_smile:

So, upgrading from C4 edu to C6 full, also upgrades the license type to full :slight_smile:
Good to know. When owing C6 can we also download and fully license C5 as it
was with C4 and SX? thanx

The only difference in education products are the price and the licence conditions the products otherwise are exactly the same so whenever you upgrade to a full product it will be exactly the same as any full product including the licence conditions.

Split is correct!!!

For people who want to update from Csx3 (edu), you can first update to C5 and than use the Grace period update. It’s much cheaper.

Where is that information?

Link please

Use your brain :bulb: , try the following (i feel, you can do it):…
Go to an online store of your choice which still offers SX 3 to C5 updates, check the price, add the grace period update price from C5 to C6 (can be found on the Steinberg site), compare to the update price SX3 to C6 on the Steinberg webshop which is 499€ atm.

Hi thinkingcap

Maybe you didn’t think but grace periods have traditionally only applied to new outright purchases, not upgrades.

In other words there is no cheap way out unless you are studying.

Cheers mate

I did not think anything at at all (I never do, btw.), I just showed you a way to find out on your own, if the above statement might be true. It might just as well depend on where you live, what I don´t know.
But if you check the Steinberg Grace period update page, you´ll see that:

So I guess, that means Renee is correct, as long as the SX 3 to C5 update is cheaper than 479 €

hi thinking cap

Maybe it is correct there, but certainly not the way I’d be wanting to do business that’s for sure.