Upgrading from C4 up to C6

Hi all, :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully someone can shed a little light on this thread.

I’m currently running C4 and have some projects that are still undergoing work. (hopefully I’ll finish these in C4)

However, noting that C6 will run in both 64-bit and 32-bit modes I can probably safely assume that I will be unable to open old C4 projects in the new C6. Mainly as the C4 projects will have been created in a 32-bit application.

I figure the file extensions are the same so they should open in theory C6 but…the law of sod always applies.

Can anyone verify if they have had problems with this as I am considering upgrading to C6 very soon. I’ve had a good look through the forums here but can’t really see anything relevant to this subject.

Any pointers will be gratefully accepted. :slight_smile:


The projects themselves will open without problems, but all 32bit plug-ins you use will have to be bridged into the 64 bit memory space. This bridging is done automatically inside Cubase and many plug-ins work in bridged mode but some don’t (most often the ones who don’t work seem to be your absolute favorites).
There is a popular program called jbridge witch seems to work with a larger number of plug-ins, and it has some extra features too that Steinbergs VSTbridge doesn’t have.
Just look around this and the old Cubase.net forum (search with google) and you’ll find tons of info on this.


Ah great news. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info - much appreciated. I’ve been a Cubase man pretty much from day dot and can remember that older (really early) projects wouldn’t open when SX2/3 was released so its good to know they’ll open with no problems.

Do you have to upgrade through C5 or can you jump straight from c4 to c6 ?

I’ll have a scope about for the jbridge too. I didn’t realise that Cubase.net forums had become (er, ceased / stopped :confused: ) and this one had taken over so to speak, been a little pre-occupied with the 9-5.
I tend not to use many third party plugins and any I do use are standard Steinberg ones like dynamics and reverb.

Cheers again.

bP :slight_smile:

The update from C4 and C5 is the same so you can jump right up, and if you mostly use the Steinberg plugs then everything should run smooth.