Upgrading from Cubase 13 Pro to Cubase 14 (or higher) Pro

Hi all. I am planning to upgrade my Cubase 8 Artist to Cubase 13 Pro the next time there is a sale, which is hopefully soon. The main reason why I want to upgrade soon, is because I want my USB dongle to get updated before the end-of-service of the old licensing system in 2025.

I want Cubase 11 Pro license on my USB dongle, and therefore I want the freedom to use any old version of Cubase in the future when USB dongles are not supported anymore.

The question is - how much can I expect to pay in the future if I want to upgrade my Cubase 13 Pro license to the next version?

So, let’s say that Cubase 14 Pro is released, but it doesn’t have the features that I want, and I want to skip it. Will the upgrade cost increase if I upgrade from Cubase 13 Pro to Cubase 15 Pro?

Sorry if that information is already available somewhere - I could not find it anywhere. I am wondering how these pricing rules were before, and if some of you did something similar and could tell me how much it cost you.

According to the current upgrade options, From Cubase 4 up to 11 Pro, it is $199 for Cubase 13
So if there are no changes, this should be the price of the upgrade from 13 to 15 or 16 etc…

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Just go look on the main website and it will tell you the price to upgrade. If you wait until a sale is on then it’s about 1/3 to 1/4 cheaper. No one can really speculate what steinberg will charge in the future and I suspect steinberg wouldn’t say. At present it is £280 from your version to pro 13

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