Upgrading from cubase 6 to cubase 12

Hi, I am currently using cubase 6 and want to purchase cubase 12 but I dont want to install cubase 12 right away because I’m in the process of finishing up an album on cubase 6. So my question is, if I purchase cubase 12 now, will this affect my cubase 6 Liscence and cause issues to run it?

Thank you.

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If you purchase the license now but don’t do anything with it nothing will be affected with your Cubase 6. Purchasing a license has nothing to do with installation or activation.

If I were you, I would just “sit” on the code you receive. If you wait long enough, you might even get into the next grace period :wink: .


Thats a great Idea. So basically if I purchase cubase 12 and wait till cubase 13, I might get 13 for free is what your saying.

You might. Up until now, whenever you activate a license you are given the latest version due to the grace period policy. I have no idea how things will work moving forward regarding the discontinuation of the eLicenser system. I can’t see how they could not allow one to use an old code, but it might be yet another tricky situation because of the somewhat sketchy licensing crossover. I hope that when the time comes to end eLicenser support for good that Steinberg will give users a fair warning that if they have codes which require access to the eLCC, they better use them before time runs out. It will be interesting to see how they handle situations like this. Only Steinberg knows if the grace period will remain basically unchanged. Heck, they might not even know at this point :expressionless: .