Upgrading from Cubase 9,5 PRO to 11 PRO

Hello. I want to upgrade from Cubase 9,5 PRO to Cubase 11 PRO, but I am quite untechnical. I can use Cubase without issue, but I am quite unsure and cautious when it comes to upgrading a piece of software that is really important to me.

How do I carry over my key binds and templates from C9,5 to the new version? Is that done automatically or do I have to copy something over myself?

I have already bought C11 PRO. I am just really unsure if these things will carry over to the new version.

Sorry to bother.

As far as I have seen until now, the installation of 11 Pro will be done on another folder, which means that you will be able to keep 9.5 and use it, just in case. Beside this, maybe the contents/plug-ins will also need an update but, for most of them, it’s not mandatory. They will be shared by both Cubase versions.

Normally, the preferences and settings of your 9.5 version should be copied during the upgrade installation. IOW, you shouldn’t have to copy anything before using 11 Pro with your usual settings. Now, I have already done an upgrade in the past for which this didn’t work, so…


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Alright! Thanks.