Upgrading from cubase AI 5 to Cubase AI/LE 12

I have Cubase AI 5 that came with a Yamaha AudioGram 6 mixer. I have just installed and successfully registered this version of Cubase but I read that it has been obsoleted and the elicencer system has also been obsoleted this year, and as a result I should now be eligible for a free upgrade to Cubase 12. See steinberg helpcentre article “4448449036946-Cubase-LE-AI-12-free-updates-for-users-of-previous-versions-” However, it says that if I was already licenced at the release date I would automatically receive an invitation to upgrade about 8 weeks later. Since I wasn’t already registered at the release date, how do I get the upgrade codes? I tried the grace period process but it seems to assume you are installing Cubase 11 for the first time, not Cubase 5!

When I successfully registered Cubase AI 5 it gave me a licence for Cubase AI Steinberg SeL - so Cubase AI 5 still shows as only a trial, but when I run Cubase AI 5 it no longer claims to be unregistered.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Please get in touch with your local Steinberg support. They will send you the Download Access Code.

Thank you! All resolved