Upgrading from Cubase Artist 13 Education license to full license (Artist 13)


With the Spring sales I’m looking to purchase Cubase Artist 13 and have been approved for an education license.

I will eventually need the full license to release my music so I’m wondering if it’s cheaper to purchase the education license and upgrade or buy the full license with the Spring discount.

I live in the UK and cannot see the upgrade costs for the education licenses on the website.


That’s because there are none. See the FAQ at https://www.steinberg.net/education/faq/

  • Is there a possibility to update / upgrade from an education version to a higher version of the software?

Yes, but not at a special education price. Updates and upgrades can be purchased at the regular price from the Steinberg online shop. By updating / upgrading your education version, you receive a regular, commercially usable full version.

Thanks, Steve.

Updates and upgrades can be purchased at the regular price from the Steinberg online shop

What’s the regular price? I can see updates and upgrades for Artist 12 and Elements 13 and how the price changes based on the upgrade type. I’m unsure what the regular price would be for me.

Any idea?

I believe it is possible, but you won’t get an “educational discount” on your upgrade. You will have to pay the regular upgrade price in order to obtain a commercial licence.

You’re essentially upgrading from educational to commercial.

Buying the educational licence and upgrading is cheaper and definitely worth it, especially with the current discount. You’re saving roughly 40 CAD without taxes.

Although there is a chance that you cannot get a discount on the upgrade if you have an educational licence, but I don’t think it is the case.

Hope this helps!

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I am pretty sure that you can’t transform an education license into a commercial license of the same product. In that case you might be better off paying for the commercial license now if you know you are going to need it in the near future. Otherwise, you would need to upgrade to Pro 13 from your educational Artist 13 or wait for Cubase 14 to be released and get the update to Artist 14.

Ah! Thank you for making that clear. It’s making sense now, so the regular upgrade cost is the amount needed to upgrade from Artist 13 to Pro 13.

I don’t have any need for the Pro license, so I think it works out cheaper to purchase the Artist 13 full license with the spring discount.

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