Upgrading from Dorico 3 to Dorico 4

I have been using Dorico 3 Pro for some time, and missed the upgrade to 3.5. Recently I purchased an upgrade to Dorico 4 Pro, but discovered (too late) that it ONLy an upgrade from Dorico 3.5. I cannot find anywhere any means now to upgrade from D3 to 3.5, or directly from D3 to D4. Meanwhile I have paid for an upgrade that I cannot use. I have opened a ticket a week ago with Stienberg support, but no response!
Please help.

Welcome to the forum.

If you purchased the wrong upgrade you need to talk to Asknet, which is the company behind the Steinberg Online shop. A ticket to the Steinberg support is not working here.

Here is a link to a support page with all information about how to contact Asknet, so you can ask for a refund and buy the correct upgrade.

Depending where you live, @dspreadbury should be able to advise you what to do next. As he frequently visits this forum, you should expect to hear from him here before too long.

And welcome to the forum, @Robin_McClelland .

Allow me to add my own welcome to the forum, Robin. Sorry to hear that you ended up buying the wrong update – that’s very frustrating.

If you drop me a private message (click on the circle with my picture in it, then in the overlay click Message to send me a private message) with your ticket number, I’ll ask my colleagues in support to help.

Thanks. When I click on the circle with your name I don’t get any overlay with a “message” option.

I guess it’s because your trust level has not yet risen sufficiently to allow you to send private messages. You can email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de instead. Please include both your support ticket number, and your order number.

I raised a ticket with the Steinberg online shop, Living-C (Germany), and got the following response:

"Thank you for contacting our customer service team.

Please note that we only handle the order and payment processes for Steinberg online shop and we are thus not able to assist with technical issues or questions related to the products, downloads, download access codes, activation codes , My Steinberg…

We therefore kindly ask you to contact Steinberg directly"

I have now received confirmation of a refund being processed. I will wait a few weeks and then see what options are available for me to upgrade from Doico 3 Pro to Dorico 4 Pro.