Upgrading from Elements to Pro 2 , but have Edu.

hi friends

I purchased Dorico 2 Elements give or take 3 months ago, using a proof of my student eligibility since I study in a music department at uni.
everything went well. However now that the “common” license (the one that merges Elements + pro features) is gone I discover many features are severely missing to me especially Notation options which is crucial.

I would like to upgrade to Dorico 2 Pro however I don’t see such option within the Education shop page. Am I expected to just pay full price?
There’s a normal option within the ordinary shop to upgrade from Elements while paying the full price, so either way I lose a lot of $$ regardless or am I expected to buy Pro 2 full at a student’s rate again?

I feel robbed since I was really comfortable with the features at first as I was only after purchase told here there was this “common” license thing but now everything is stripped away and I don’t have any options for changing beam directions and note orientations etc. even Sibelius basic mode has …
If I KNEW it was the case I would have bought Pro from the first place and never bothered with Elements. I truly don’t like this way of milking additional money and making customers angry by stripping many features (some are basic to even free notation softwares not to mention Sibelius/Finale more “Basic” option (not the ultimate).

Unless of course I’m missing the link to upgrade to Pro using the education discount (so overall I pay the remainder as if I bought pro in the first place) then excuse my rambling/ranting and I’d thank whoever could direct me to the link. Much obliged!


I would also like to report 2 bugs:

  1. sometimes I cannot select an individual note within a chord regardless if chord mode is on/off. Sometimes the software will select more than 1 note or the entire chord, this is particularly annoying having to perform several tries.

  2. Fermatas are placed in both staves of a piano’s grand staff. Can’t delete one and not the other. The only workaround I have found is moving it outside the page’s boundaries. Hopefully both bugs get fixed… thanks

Neither one is a bug, for the record.

  1. Yeah it’s tricky. Try clicking on the outer edge of the notehead. And zoom in. The selection has nothing to do with chord mode—that only determines what is played back, not what is selected.

  2. Also not a bug. Your method is the best one at present. Or create a playing technique for the fermata.

At the moment, there is no dedicated price for a Dorico Elements user who bought at the education price to buy Dorico Pro at the education price, but we will be introducing a special price for this when we introduce the next major version of Dorico later this year. For the time being, if you need the additional features of Dorico Pro, the most cost-effective way to get the Pro version is simply to buy the educational version of Dorico Pro. This does mean that you will have spent around $70 more than you would have done if you had bought Dorico Pro at the educational price in the first place, which is certainly less than ideal, and is why we are introducing a special price later in the year. If you can wait until the release of the next major version later in the year (though it is not coming soon) then you will be able to upgrade at a special educational price.

Hey Daniel thanks for your answer

Yes indeed I can wait a couple of months , if indeed what you said will be coming up you’ve earned a customer.
is there an estimated time for this update offer coming up (i.e summer? 3rd quarter?) just curious

also will there be a notification about this when it comes out? I don’t want to miss it…
I am now using sheet software more than ever before, so that’s why I was really eager to upgrade since the notation options were taken away and suddenly I have zero control over notes/beams/grouping/accidentals /systems per page etc.

Daniel has said not to expect the update in the first half of this year. So the second half of the year starts July 1, and one can imagine the Team would like to have the update out in time for schools to make buying decisions before they start the new year (in late August or early September?). So if the team considers the software ready for release, one might expect them to seek to get it out within that window, earlier rather than later.

That is my entirely unofficial speculation. To get official word, keep checking back here. Sometimes Daniel gives us a week’s heads-up, and then notice of the actual release appears as a “sticky” at the top of this forum’s listing. Customarily the release occurs on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

There’s a kind of Kremlinology when it comes to interpreting the things I say about release dates. The next major version of Dorico is not coming soon, and it’s not coming over the summer. We expect it to be released before the end of the year, but ultimately it will be released when it’s ready.

If you want to be sure of receiving notification by email, make sure you have registered your Dorico license in MySteinberg, and then click My Newsletter and subscribe. This will tell us that you definitely want to hear about Dorico updates in future.

A notification about Dorico 3 being released? Just wait for an earthquake, big dust clouds, and shouts of joy echoing all around you. I expect it’ll be hard to miss…

I’m actually really sad by this, since especially now I need to use a notation software more than ever. I literally can’t use Dorico Elements anymore because the client I’m writing for has specific guidelines as to how to rhythmically notate notes, syncopations, accidentals, splitting and beam directions which are all in the notation options I cannot access thus making the software useless for me (I just contacted them to make sure, so turns out I can’t wait those few months sadly)

Honestly I am not a fan of pirating anything as I believe it’s theft but in my position I don’t see a moral justification not to do so…
Isn’t there a way to get a 70$ refund upon purchase or Dorico 2 PRO in my case? I’ve always been a loyal customer, Bought Cubase 7 and upgraded up until 9 PRO never had any issues with you guys… I’ts not that I’m asking for a special price, or a discount, or anything I don’t deserve.

Please email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I’ll see what I can do.

Will this upgrade offer for the next major release be applicable from Dorico 2 Elements (Edu.) to Dorico X (3?) Pro (Edu.)?

Welcome to the forum, Benjamin923. Yes, it will.

Terrific, thank you. In this case I will use Dorico 2 Elements with an educational license and upgrade to Dorico 3 Pro with the educational discount if the added features are of benefit to me. :slight_smile: