Upgrading from Essentials 5?

I have had Essentials 5 since 2009 and never used it much. I now want to get serious about learning to use Cubase.

What is the logical upgrade or update path for me to follow? I see several choices of v6 and don’t know which to choose.


What do you mean by “logical”? Usually you choose the version you think does everything you want.

After not looking at the program for three years, I expected to see something called Essentials 6, but, the names have changed. I want a new updated version of Essentials 5. If I can’t have that, I want to move up one logical step to the next level. Thanks.

The first “Logical” upgrade from Esential 5 would be Cubase Artist 6.

Yeah, I upgraded from Essential 5 to Artist 6. Artist 6 is a more expensive license though, as it contains significantly more features than essential. The new license on the level of essential is now called elements. Look at the feature comparison on steinberg.net between the 3 cubase 6 versions and decide for yourself what you need.
There is however no upgrade from Essential 5 to Elements 6, probably because the features are too different to be considered an upgrade. If you decide on getting elements 6, you’ll have to buy a full license. You can always try to sell your essential 5 license in that case.

Thank you all very much for your advice. I got exactly the info I was looking for and ordered Artist 6 today at about 11:00 AM EST.
I got a notice that they had shipped my order (UPS no shipping charge) at 6:05 EST this evening. :smiley:
That’s SUPER service.
I love user forums. Thanks again.