Upgrading from Groove Agent 1&2 to Groove Agent 4

If I buy groove agent 1 second hand. Can I then get this update?

Hmmmm - It’s been a few years since I bought GA1 and haven’t had it installed on the last couple of machines nor on the elicenser! Any ideas how to get my GA1 installed or registered. All I have is the disk :frowning:

OK - As I understand it, the disk itself was the ‘copy protection’

Yep, me too, haven’t used it since i got my new computer two years ago because it didn’t even install correctly on Win7. There were some nice-sounding kits and it was really easy to use.

I recently found my LM-4 CD! That should count for something :slight_smile:

Guys, I sent 2 emails on different days per the instructions asking where to send my disc for the upgrade. No replies yet. I guess you are kinda busy?

First, if you have a Groove Agent 1 disc - no matter if second hand or not - you can use it to request an update for Groove Agent 4.
Groove Agent 1 does not have to be installed on the new system to run Groove Agent 4.

And yes, we have been busy or better not well staffed over the last week… sorry for that! Most of the team is back though and you should receive answers - at least if you have requested support from the European support team.

I got GA1 with my Cubase 7 install. Can I still upgrade to GA3 and then to GA4 or do I have to wait for the full down load. I don’t have any disks, and GA1 is not in my Elicenser.


That is “Groove Agent One” not “Groove Agent 1”. That version can be compared to Groove Agent SE 4 which is part of Cubase 7.5 but cannot be upgraded.

I also have Groove Agent One with 7.5 Disk and I have Groove Agent SE4 for Upgrade Download
How Can I get Groove Agent 4 ? I’ve been searching all over, but no go !!!
Thanks Rev.

Buy the full version

Hi, I purchased Groove Agent 2 and later I purchased the Groove Agent 3 update when it came out. Now I am considering upgrading to Groove Agent 4, but I see that my dongle only has Groove Agent 3 on it (along with Cubase and a few other things), so I’m guessing that my upgrade to Groove Agent 3 wiped out my license of Groove Agent 2. I have a new computer that can handle the requirements of Groove Agent 4, but I also have and would like to still use my old laptop that I used Groove Agent 3 on. The old laptop does not meet the requirements of Groove Agent 4, but it runs Groove Agent 3 just fine. So, my question is, will upgrading to Groove Agent 4 wipe out my license of Groove Agent 3, or will I have both licenses? Or do I need to buy the full version of Groove Agent 4 (not the upgrade), in order to keep my old Groove Agent 3 license? Thank you for your help.

Hi, buying the update to Groove Agent 4 will also upgrade the license on the USB-eLicenser to Groove Agent 4. However, with this license you can still start Groove Agent 3 as well.

I finally got a new computer and am rebuilding my creative toolbox. I have Groove Agent 2. Will it still work with Cubase 8 when I upgrade, or do I need to upgrade to Groove Agent 4 right away as well? (I’m sure GA4 is superior, but for budget’s sake…) Thanks.

Most likely not. GA2 is not compatible with any operating system Cubase Pro 8 is compatible with. Especially on Mac OS X Yosemite GA2 cannot be installed anymore.

Great, thanks. That’s what I thought. Thank goodness for upgrade pricing and for being “in the window”.

NEVER MIND. It turns out I had five “old” Steinberg Keys, not just the three I initially found. One of the found two keys contained GA3 activation so I juat transferred it to my User Key.

I bought the original GA1 and later Upgraded to GA3. I used this on my old 32b machine.

MySteinberg shows this product (GA3) activated and lists an older Steinberg Key that I no longer use and the older Steinberg Key itself has no licenses at all on it when I look at it with eLicense software.

I currently have a 64b machine and my key contains all the 64b software that I use from Steinberg.

It does not have GA3 on it and GA3 will not install from the original disk. If I input my GA3 upgrade activation code into eLicense software it says it is already installed.

I want to buy GA4 Upgrade (from GA3) but I have no idea how to get GA3 activated on my “new Steinberg Key”.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m wondering if I purchase the full version of Groove Agent, can I use it with other DAW’s,such as FL Studio or Reaper. I am using Cubase Elements and I love the Groove Agent SE sounds. I have lots of projects in other DAWs that I would like to use Groove Agent with. Also I have an older usb licenser that came with Cubase SX. Can I use it for Groove Agent or do I need to puchase a new one? Thanks in advance

Yes, the full Groove Agent version is compatible with other VST and AU DAWs and the old USB-eLicenser can also be used for the Groove Agent license.

Would be nice to have the Groove Agent 1 and 2 kits in Groove Agent 4, so I can open old songs, without having to use Cubase SX 1 - 3.