Upgrading from Groove Agent 1&2 to Groove Agent 4

Hi all,

If you are still on Groove Agent 1 or 2 and are planning to upgrade to Groove Agent 4 here is how to proceed:

Groove Ageng 2
We will update the eLC license database next Thursday to include Groove Agent 2 into the license update we currently offer for Groove Agent 3. Once this is done, we will add it to the regular shop offer.
So starting on August 8th, Groove Agent 2 customers will be able to purchase and use the update to version 4 officially as well.

Please note that if you have already bought the update by mistake you can wait until the new eLC version is ready to actually use the activation code you have received with the order. It is not necessary to return the order!

Groove Agent 1
Due to technical reasons a direct update to Groove Agent 4 is not possible. Please get in contact with our support team ( info(at)steinberg.de ) in order to return the Groove Agent installation CD to us at Steinberg HQ or to your local distributor in charge for support. Once we receive the CD, we will provide you with a Groove Agent 3 activation code so that you can update to version 4.

Thank You… From a Groove agent 1-2 owner…

Can’t wait to put my hands on Groove Agent 4…

Thanks Again.

I no longer have Groove Agent 2 installed but still have the elicence on my dongle. Will I need to re-install Groove Agent 2?

This is really sensible, good news - well done Steinberg Sales, we the customer thank you :slight_smile:


there is no need to re-install GA2. You just need the license on your dongle in order to activate GA4.

Thanks for the update.

If I buy groove agent 1 second hand. Can I then get this update?

Hmmmm - It’s been a few years since I bought GA1 and haven’t had it installed on the last couple of machines nor on the elicenser! Any ideas how to get my GA1 installed or registered. All I have is the disk :frowning:

OK - As I understand it, the disk itself was the ‘copy protection’

Yep, me too, haven’t used it since i got my new computer two years ago because it didn’t even install correctly on Win7. There were some nice-sounding kits and it was really easy to use.

I recently found my LM-4 CD! That should count for something :slight_smile:

Guys, I sent 2 emails on different days per the instructions asking where to send my disc for the upgrade. No replies yet. I guess you are kinda busy?

First, if you have a Groove Agent 1 disc - no matter if second hand or not - you can use it to request an update for Groove Agent 4.
Groove Agent 1 does not have to be installed on the new system to run Groove Agent 4.

And yes, we have been busy or better not well staffed over the last week… sorry for that! Most of the team is back though and you should receive answers - at least if you have requested support from the European support team.

I got GA1 with my Cubase 7 install. Can I still upgrade to GA3 and then to GA4 or do I have to wait for the full down load. I don’t have any disks, and GA1 is not in my Elicenser.


That is “Groove Agent One” not “Groove Agent 1”. That version can be compared to Groove Agent SE 4 which is part of Cubase 7.5 but cannot be upgraded.

I also have Groove Agent One with 7.5 Disk and I have Groove Agent SE4 for Upgrade Download
How Can I get Groove Agent 4 ? I’ve been searching all over, but no go !!!
Thanks Rev.

Buy the full version

Hi, I purchased Groove Agent 2 and later I purchased the Groove Agent 3 update when it came out. Now I am considering upgrading to Groove Agent 4, but I see that my dongle only has Groove Agent 3 on it (along with Cubase and a few other things), so I’m guessing that my upgrade to Groove Agent 3 wiped out my license of Groove Agent 2. I have a new computer that can handle the requirements of Groove Agent 4, but I also have and would like to still use my old laptop that I used Groove Agent 3 on. The old laptop does not meet the requirements of Groove Agent 4, but it runs Groove Agent 3 just fine. So, my question is, will upgrading to Groove Agent 4 wipe out my license of Groove Agent 3, or will I have both licenses? Or do I need to buy the full version of Groove Agent 4 (not the upgrade), in order to keep my old Groove Agent 3 license? Thank you for your help.

Hi, buying the update to Groove Agent 4 will also upgrade the license on the USB-eLicenser to Groove Agent 4. However, with this license you can still start Groove Agent 3 as well.

I finally got a new computer and am rebuilding my creative toolbox. I have Groove Agent 2. Will it still work with Cubase 8 when I upgrade, or do I need to upgrade to Groove Agent 4 right away as well? (I’m sure GA4 is superior, but for budget’s sake…) Thanks.

Most likely not. GA2 is not compatible with any operating system Cubase Pro 8 is compatible with. Especially on Mac OS X Yosemite GA2 cannot be installed anymore.