Upgrading from Groove Agent 1&2 to Groove Agent 4

Great, thanks. That’s what I thought. Thank goodness for upgrade pricing and for being “in the window”.

NEVER MIND. It turns out I had five “old” Steinberg Keys, not just the three I initially found. One of the found two keys contained GA3 activation so I juat transferred it to my User Key.

I bought the original GA1 and later Upgraded to GA3. I used this on my old 32b machine.

MySteinberg shows this product (GA3) activated and lists an older Steinberg Key that I no longer use and the older Steinberg Key itself has no licenses at all on it when I look at it with eLicense software.

I currently have a 64b machine and my key contains all the 64b software that I use from Steinberg.

It does not have GA3 on it and GA3 will not install from the original disk. If I input my GA3 upgrade activation code into eLicense software it says it is already installed.

I want to buy GA4 Upgrade (from GA3) but I have no idea how to get GA3 activated on my “new Steinberg Key”.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m wondering if I purchase the full version of Groove Agent, can I use it with other DAW’s,such as FL Studio or Reaper. I am using Cubase Elements and I love the Groove Agent SE sounds. I have lots of projects in other DAWs that I would like to use Groove Agent with. Also I have an older usb licenser that came with Cubase SX. Can I use it for Groove Agent or do I need to puchase a new one? Thanks in advance

Yes, the full Groove Agent version is compatible with other VST and AU DAWs and the old USB-eLicenser can also be used for the Groove Agent license.

Would be nice to have the Groove Agent 1 and 2 kits in Groove Agent 4, so I can open old songs, without having to use Cubase SX 1 - 3.